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Leveling the playing field

Finally, a digital freight fulfillment platform that is fair, efficient and designed to make it easier for logistics providers and carriers to experience long-lasting growth in this new digital age.

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The digital solution for freight logistics is here

The digital solution

3PLs & Brokers

Streamline your business with Carggo's advanced digital solutions and scale faster while reducing expenses. Get our reliable carrier network, operations support, and actionable insights from our intelligence dashboard, so you can focus on what matters most—growing customer relationships. 
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A revolutionary new way to get the best loads and get paid. It’s fast, it’s easy, and instantly available. And while our AI-powered platform is 100% digital, you are never on your own. Our specialists are available by phone or email whenever you need them.

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Book loads instantly with one tap on the Carggo app

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The growth solution for smarter 3PLs

How do you plan to grow your 3PL or brokerage business? By smartly adopting digital technology and adding more value for your customers, that should be your answer.

Digital 3PLs are primed for lasting growth. Now, with Carggo, you can compete with advanced digital platforms, with modern technology features like instant pricing, freight visibility, customer intelligence dashboards, plus experienced operations support, and more.  

The Carggo platform is based on artificial-intelligence (AI), machine learning, and big data that let's you grow smarter and faster. It even integrates with your TMS and other systems. Get peace of mind and maximize your growth potential with Carggo.

Scaling the solution
Scaling the solution

Instant loads. Faster pay.

Carggo gives carriers access to reliable business with instant loads and faster pay. Our platform is fully-automated and optimizes freight to you, including routing and load consolidation. Our carrier assignment engine takes your preferences into account too. And it’s all done online or on our app—no more calling to find and negotiate loads.

Technology can finally get you the freight you want at a fair price—instantly, transparently, and reliably.

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Instant loads and faster pay. Carggo values diversity.

Our AI-based platform ensures everyone wins

Carggo was created with the single mission to reshape freight logistics by providing 3PLs, freight forwarders, brokers, their shippers, and carriers access to advanced digital technology that makes even industry giants envious.

Trucking is an $800B industry and growing, but it has been one of the slowest industries to think about tech solutions. Cold-calling is still the #1 system used to book loads, and 30% of trucks on the road are empty even though the industry is scrambling over a driver shortage.



Stop wasting hours calling, faxing, and emailing back and forth to get quotes. Get instant guaranteed prices and book a load in seconds online or on the app.

Transparent and fair pricing


Get access to a reliable carrier network and the digital tools to strengthen existing customer relationships and win new ones. Leverage Carggo's scale to get access to powerful technology and data to grow smarter, more efficiently, and with the value-adds your customers can't usually get from traditional 3PLs.



We offer high capacity, safe delivery, and always know where your shipment is. Our app can even alert shippers in advance of carrier arrivals to get them unloaded and back on the road faster.

A freight fulfillment platform for the digital age

Freight solution

Carggo is built to match the right trucks with the right shipments. Since prices are instant and guaranteed using AI, there are no more endless negotiations. Plus, you can book instantly and carriers are alerted to preferred lanes.

Freight Solution

We see how technology is needed and how it will change the industry for the better. Carggo's technology enables 3PLs to go digital instantly while future proofing their business.

What our partners and carriers say about us…

"The ease and efficiency of doing business with Carggo has helped to accelerate our domestic business and focus on what's important - helping our clients win."

877017-512 (1)

David D, VP
Chicago, IL

"I believe in the Carggo model… Partnering with Carggo has allowed us to focus on my strength, building stronger relationship with our core customers… also have the tech and ops support to develop new ones."

877017-512 (1)

Steve, Family Owned 3PL
in the Midwest

“I have had my authority for about 17 months now and out of 250 invoices I have never taken a load from a broker that was not factored with my factoring company. When I booked this good paying load with Cargo, I was still nervous but took a chance and I had my Comdata Code within 3 minutes of sending them the signed BOL! Definitely would work with Carggo again in the future and would recommend them to other carriers. Thanks again!

I took a chance with Carggo and had my Comdata Code within 3 mins of sending the BOL!

Phillip S.,
Henderson, NV

“Loretta is the best! She goes above and beyond the call of duty to get things done for me. She really cares and it shows. I know that if I have an issue or need a load, she takes care of me.” 

877021-512 (1)

Scott E. of Semi-Conscious,
Campbellsburg, IN

“Great company, Quick Payments and Friendly Staff” 

US Carggo Express,  Shelby Township, MI

US Carggo Express,
Shelby Township, MI

“The Carggo app makes viewing and accepting loads easy and seamless to our company.  It has helped efficiencies and decreased our empty miles.  Highly recommend downloading this app”
877021-512 (1)

James H.,
Williamston, SC

Easy to do business with. Give these guys a call.  Not your typical broker, truly a partner
Rich A., Chicago, IL

Rich A.,
Chicago, IL


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