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Reshaping Freight Transportation

Making shipping smarter, faster, and easier.



The digital solution for freight logistics is here

The digital solution


Get a guaranteed price and book a shipment in seconds. Carggo uses dynamic pricing algorithms to offer our best multiple real-time rates and compares market rates and date fluctuations so you can ship smarter. We work our fully-automated platform to your needs, not your broker’s.
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A revolutionary new way to get the best loads and get paid. It’s fast, it’s easy, and instantly available. And while our AI-powered platform is 100% digital, you are never on your own. Our specialists are available by phone or email whenever you need them.

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Scaling the solution for smarter shipping

As a shipper, how do you plan to maximize capacity? With guaranteed capacity, transparent prices, and instant booking, that's how. The Carggo platform gives you a real-time pricing engine with dynamic rate adjustments based on artificial-intelligence, machine learning, and big data.

We do more than match freight—we guarantee capacity with a quality carrier. You’ll know where your shipment is with real-time tracking that you can see online, on the app, or on your TMS or ERP.

Maximize your capacity by shipping smarter. Get your first guaranteed price seconds after completing registration.

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Scaling the solution
Scaling the solution

Instant loads. Faster pay.

Carggo gives carriers access to reliable business with instant loads and faster pay. Our platform is fully-automated and optimizes freight to you, including routing and load consolidation. Our carrier assignment engine takes your preferences into account too. And it’s all done online or on our app—no more calling to find and negotiate loads.

Technology can finally get you the freight you want at a fair price—instantly, transparently, and reliably.

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Our AI-based platform ensures everyone wins

Carggo was created with the single mission to connect shippers and carriers by aligning their needs and incentives.

Trucking is an $800B industry and growing, but it has been one of the slowest industries to think about tech solutions. Cold-calling is still the #1 system used to book loads, and 30% of trucks on the road are empty even though the industry is scrambling over a driver shortage.



Stop wasting hours calling, faxing, and emailing back and forth to get quotes. Get instant guaranteed prices and book a load in seconds online or on the app.

Transparent and fair pricing

Transparent and fair pricing.

We don't think the industry standard of buying low and selling high is fair. That's why we show you our real-time market price beside the historical rate. Plus, we have one of the lowest flat rate fees in the industry and we are not afraid to show it.



We guarantee capacity, safe delivery, and always know where your shipment is. Our app can even alert shippers in advance of carrier arrivals to get them unloaded and back on the road faster.

A fully-automated freight solution

Freight solution

Carggo is built to match the right trucks with the right shipments. Since rates are transparent and generated using market data, there are no more endless negotiations. Plus, no more intermediaries to inflate shipment costs and offer mediocre pay to carriers.

Freight Solution

We see how technology is needed and how it will change the industry for the better. Carggo allows us to scale the solution by offering fair prices and instantly finding the best truck for the freight.


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