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Use AI-fueled Technology in Order to Boost Competitiveness

by Carggo, on Dec 18, 2019



The true power of the digital era is that forward thinking companies, of any size, can harness technology to leave longstanding and well-deserved competitors lagging behind—effectively leveling the playing field or rather tilting the field in their favor.

But how can a company actually do this? Well, ask no more.

Here we present three prominent ways AI-technology can boost your productivity and help you compete and win more business.

1. Better Pricing and Efficiency

What exactly do we mean by that? Logistics providers can leverage AI-fueled Instant Pricing platforms to provide competitive, instant prices based on a combination of various market data and historical data with margin adjustments at the lane or customer level.

As a result, brokers can save time and labor and reduce risk by ensuring they are providing competitive rates and are not making pricing mistakes based on limited visibility.

2. Improved Freight Visibility and Actionable Insights

AI integration can also help with shipment visibility for easy tracking, and real-time updates until the final delivery. Let’s be honest. People like to keep an eye on their stuff, especially if it is in somebody else’s hands.

The key is an intuitive AI solution that can pull real-time data from connected devices and give decision-makers broader and deeper operation insights on an unprecedented scale.

This increased visibility also allows executives to rapidly make contingency plans in the event of unforeseen circumstances, whether internal (e.g. machine breakdowns) or external (e.g. delayed supplier shipments), minimizing negative effects on the supply chain and, ultimately, on the brand.

3. Using Innovation to Automate Tedious Manual Tasks

Businesses across the globe have been embracing technology and computing innovation to increase productivity by simplifying various internal processes and job tasks. AI has permitted companies to use smart software interfaces like chatbots to interact with clients in taking orders, answering questions or solving problems. Such reactive applications are being deployed by logistics providers not only to aid employees but also to enhance performance and service and lower costs to clients.

There are several ways to acquire such technology. You can hire developers and built it in-house, which costs millions. But, the only companies who can afford that are the heavy-hitters or digital startups with deep venture capital pockets.

Another option is to work with different tech providers to acquire the individual technologies. Keep in mind using multiple providers can produce inefficiencies and increase costs. Plus, not all protect your data and may have conflicts of interest. Until recently, this was the only option available for many growing brokers and 3PLs. 

Learn how Carggo can help drive efficiencies and provide the dedicated support to ensure safe and timely delivery. Call (312) 635-6005 or email us at info@carggo.com.

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