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Announcing Carggo's Revolutionary New Pricing Engine—PriceFinder

by Carggo, on Sep 3, 2019

Carggo's PriceFinder - Instant guaranteed prices with more flexibility

As the digital era of freight transportation continues to evolve, Carggo strives to be at the forefront of freight technology.  We realize the need for speed and efficiency in freight operations has never been more important. That’s why Carggo is happy to announce the release of PriceFinder® 1.0—a digital freight marketplace with guaranteed prices and high capacity from a reliable carrier network.

What is PriceFinder?

PriceFinder is based on a revolutionary new pricing engine that uses transparent market conditions to help logistics executives and administrators compare freight cost savings in advance of booking. It provides instant guaranteed prices and reliable capacity while giving you the freedom to choose from all available options on a single screen.

PriceFinder Delivers Best-Price Choices:

All prices move in accordance with market dynamics and provide choices that include:

  • Mode of Transportation (truck or inter-modal – when available)
  • Urgency / Team-Drive (while taking HOS into account)
  • A 7-Day Window for Origin-Destination Pairs

These options give you the flexibility to choose what is best for your needs – not ours.

Delivering Value

Using PriceFinder, logistics executors will have the ability to price and tender loads immediately, spend less time looking for prices and capacity, and spend more time delivering value to their customers—improving their bottom line.

How Does It Work?

All you have to do is enter the origin-destination, equipment type, and dates.  PriceFinder’s advanced algorithm will calculate prices based on all options within a 7-day window – including (if available) urgent / team-drive and inter-modal options while taking current market dynamics into account to ensure the best prices per shipment.

Simply select the option that best suites your needs and adjust the docking hours. That’s it. Sophistication shouldn’t feel complicated.

How Does This Impact Existing Customers?

If you are an existing customer, rest assured that you will have instant access to PriceFinder starting Tuesday, September 3rd. Please be aware, since this is a new tool, it will not remember your previous shipments, but will learn and remember any loads from the time you start using PriceFinder.

As always, your account manager will be monitoring your shipments and will assist with any questions you have.

It just took the creative minds at Carggo to build the technology that understands the needs of the freight community. Imagine having a selection of the best prices instantly available in one place with reliable capacity from a vast carrier network. That's the value of Carggo's PriceFinder. 

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