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Best Days to Ship Freight (and Save Money!)

by Melissa Delise, on Jul 5, 2019


Reducing the cost of doing business is a never-ending activity. Businesses are constantly looking for methods to keep overhead low and ramp up profits – as they should. Looking deeper into reducing shipping costs may be overlooked in efforts to streamline operations. A common view is that shipping is a fixed cost that is impossible to reduce. Surprisingly, this is not a fact. In reducing shipping costs, it is all about strategy.

Off-Peak Shipping Saves You Money

The day and time you ship is a big deal when it comes to the cost of shipping goods. Take the step of adjusting your shipping dates and times, such as a day earlier or later, or later in the day or during the evening hours and you can see the costs of shipping goods go down significantly. Friday is a major off-peak day to consider, closely followed by Monday, when shippers are looking for loads and willing to move goods for less. Take advantage of it. If you are shipping perishable goods, this strategy may not work for your business, but consider later in the day rather than peak afternoon delivery hours.

Strategies to Reduce Shipping Costs

Businesses are smart to employ innovative ways to reduce freight costs, as with the right strategy, the costs can be reduced by up to 50 percent. Consolidating your freight is strategy reduce costs – you pay more per mile with half-loaded shipment. While it may not always be possible to ship a full load, strategies can include working with other companies shipping to the same retailer is a strategy that works. Why not work with other manufacturers in your area for savings on shipping all around?

Larger Shipments, Delivered Less Often

Your customers may be willing to take larger shipments delivered less often. It starts with a conversation. A surprising number of customers are amenable to changing how your goods are delivered. As you will be saving on shipping costs, offering incentives to your customer for taking larger shipments can be a tempting incentive.

Seasonality Plays a Role in Shipping costs

The four seasons of shipping affect the cost of moving your product. During the quiet season from January to March, freight volume is generally down, and costs are less. Shippers are looking for freight to haul, and deals can be made that benefit your business. As the produce season begins, the shipping industry picks up, and shippers get pickier about the loads they choose.

During the peak season from August to October, the first ripples of the holiday season hit the shipping industry. The holiday season is when the cycle peaks, with every truck on the road, crisscrossing the country trying to make deliveries on time. While seasonality will always play a role in shipping costs, you can reduce your costs even during peak times with the technology of the Carggo platform, which uses artificial intelligence to help you get your goods flowing where they need to go, at lower cost and far less hassle.


Holidays – The Ultimate Shipping Crush

Shipping during poses some special problems, but even then, with the right strategy, you can pay less than many other businesses. The madness surrounding holiday shipping affects the entire shipping industry and deals can still be found, particularly with backhauls. A truck delivers its load and the carrier may be left with an empty truck that could be of use. That’s when technology makes a difference.

Rather than dealing with a broker with a desk full of paper and who is likely suffering an overload during the season, why not count on technology, and find the carrier you need with Carggo, where instead of an overwhelmed broker, you can get the help you need with artificial intelligence, tracking every shipment perfectly.

Efficiency in Loading Matters

Truckers don’t want to spend extra hours waiting at a loading dock, burning hours they should be on the road. Increased efficiency in loading will make your business a favorite. Ensure you have a flexible workforce that can load your goods efficiently to save time and money. Add favorable loading times and backhauling your loads during the evening hours and you can watch the profits rise with reduced shipping costs up to 20 percent.

Get Flexible

It can be tempting to stick with older methods in business but looking into your shipping costs and coming up with a workable strategy to reduce these costs is just smart business. Getting flexible with your shipping days and hours can bring an instant uptick in profits.

Carggo can help.

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