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Best Trucking Routes Every Driver Needs to Know

by Carggo, on Jun 19, 2019


Truck drivers are in high demand in the USA but are often forced to take routes or jobs they would rather avoid just to keep the income coming in at a reasonable rate. It can be difficult to juggle a schedule that pays off, leaving enough time for home, family, and time to pursue personal interests. An unpredictable schedule and routes that pose difficulties can be one of the most troublesome issues truckers face.

Short Haul vs. Long Haul

Short haul trucking is often better for truckers with families, as a general rule is that the trip will be in the range of 150 miles, with the driver able to return to home and family in the evening. Many short haul truckers are delivering to several locations each trip, and constantly deal with difficult street and traffic conditions, while long haul truckers are typically taking cross-state or cross-country routes that require far less attention to traffic, pedestrians, and city driving. The advantage of long hauls is the income, which tends to be far more than what can be made with short hauls. The drawback is while the income is better, the driver often misses significant family events such as birthdays, graduations, and holidays.

Establishing a Sane Schedule

Life is not just work. As a quality of life issue, it is vital that a driver has the opportunity to create a schedule that is workable with regard to income and allows for time to spend with family and friends. One of the methods by which truck drivers can have a saner, more sensible schedule knowing which routes the best are, and consistently getting loads on the favored routes.

Average Length of Hauls

A survey of truckers in America has produced some important insights. An average driver was found to travel in the range of 100,000 miles every year, or about 500 miles per day, while performing the critical function by moving goods for around the nation. The routes they travel have much to do with how much income can be made, along with improving overall quality of life. Truckers have their favorite routes, and for good reason – a long haul can be a nightmare when travelling the least favorite routes in the country.

What Routes are Considered the Best by Drivers?

The favorite routes of the surveyed drivers were all long hauls, over 1,000 miles, and on more rural highways with destinations in Florida or California. Weather plays a role – hitting heavy snow, ice, and rain makes for slow going, and dangerous conditions. The favorite routes generally have good roads, are more scenic and enjoyable to travel, and pose far fewer difficulties related to city traffic. When you consider that truckers are paid on miles travelled, it makes sense that easy, open roads prove are the ideal routes.

Why Florida?

Florida is a top contender for trucker’s favorite routes, with many load opportunities in and out of Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and other urban centers. The weather is good, the roads are easy to travel, and delivering on time is rarely a problem.

Most Hated Routes

Many truckers dislike jobs that take them through the rust belt and on to New York and New England. This are heavily populated areas, and often subject to tough weather conditions, slowing progress. The combination of road congestion and bad weather makes these routes some of the most unpopular.

Another problem encountered by truckers involves travelling routes shared by many other long haul drivers. With more semis on the road, traffic slows even further. Bottom line – the survey revealed that truckers often prefer the “road less travelled.”


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