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Carggo Live Product Demo at Transparency19

by Carggo, on Jun 30, 2019

This year, Carggo was invited to present at Transparency19 – a yearly event showcasing the hottest emerging freight technologies. Here we showcased the entirety of the revolutionary Carggo platform including the benefits it has for 3PLs, shippers, and carriers.

Carggo provides peace of mind through instant pricing, guaranteed capacity, real-time track and trace, a comprehensive operations support center, back-office support such as cashflow for carrier payments and more. With the help of machine learning and big data, Carggo is hauling freight transportation into the digital age. Watch our demo now or read on to find out more about the inner-workings of the innovative Carggo platform and carrier mobile app.



Hauling the Carggo Way


Carggo simplifies freight logistics by creating a quick, easy platform in which 3PLs and/or their shippers can book loads, carriers can find a load that works for them, and more. Carggo’s full transparency instills trust throughout the entire process and provides 3PLs, their shippers, and carriers with a multitude of choices for their shipment.

Creating a New Load


3PLs and their shippers will find a seamless experience when they choose to haul their items with Carggo. To create a new load simply enter:

  • Your origin
  • Your end destination
  • Your equipment type

After doing this, you can use Carggo’s PriceFinder to see prices based on your preferences for contract vs. spot, lead time, transit time, different modes, and different appointment windows. You’ll be able to compare prices with current market trends to ship with confidence in the fairness of the offered price.

You’ll also receive real-time tracking abilities for lane forecasts, annual lane performance, tender acceptance rates, load to truck ratios, and lane seasonality.

Once you’ve selected the price that fits your needs, proceed to “Book Now”. Enter the load details. Hit “Create Load” and you’re set.

After you’ve created your load, you’ll be taken to our dashboard where your load will be featured in your “Load List”. Here you’ll find real-time GPS tracking, access to your assigned Carggo employee, and more.

Carrier Features

Carggo smart load matching technology creates optimized load recommendations for carriers based on their needs. Smart load matching technology recommends loads based on behaviors, preferences, and lifestyles. When registering, you are first asked to enter equipment type and areas of operation. Carggo’s machine learning engine then uses this data to recommend shipments that work for you. As the AI learns more about your preferences in lanes, times, etc. it will adapt and improve the quality of your recommendations.

As a carrier, you’ll experience full transparency. Once the you accept a load and assign a driver (if there is only one, assignment is automatic), you will see real-time status updates that are available to all parties involved – the 3PL, shipper, and carrier.

Lastly, Carggo’s “Find Load” feature allows you to find backhaul loads along routes home so you can avoid hauling air.

Intelligence Dashboard




The Carggo Intelligence Dashboard provides meaningful insights to improve efficiencies at the facility and/or lane level, evaluate performance and spend, and additional metrics to help you plan and ship smarter such as total spend, total loads, tender acceptance rates, on-time pickups, and average detention.

Carggo’s interactive map helps you better understand your specific network on a facility and lane level through the utilization of historical, market, and sonar data. This interactive map allows you to find valuable insights in each of your shipments.

This is just an introduction into the valuable features in the innovative Carggo platform. To get the full experience, signup and create your Carggo account today!

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