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Guaranteed Detention on Every Shipment with Carggo

by Jason Weber, on Jul 25, 2019


Detention is one of the foremost issues affecting carriers on a daily basis. With nearly 63% of drivers waiting over 3 hours at a time at a shipper’s dock, carriers are wasting valuable time and money that can be spent elsewhere.

Detention pay is a crucial aspect to guaranteeing a fair and seamlessly operating supply chain. In 2016, DAT reported that only 3% of carriers were able to collect detention pay on 90% of their claims. These numbers create strain in the system and can account for a significant loss on the carrier side.

Detention can cause a significant conflict between shippers and carriers and, at Carggo, we’re setting out to tackle that conflict head-on.

The Current State of Detention

Simply put, detention is the payment received to compensate for the amount of time a carrier waits at a shipping dock to either load or unload their shipment. Generally, there is a two-hour grace period in which a shipper is not charged a fee. Beyond this period, shippers are required to pay detention.

The purpose of detention pay is first and foremost to avoid downtime and then to compensate for time and resources wasted on the carrier end. If drivers are held up for a shipment, this affects every aspect of the supply chain. Generally, detention rates range from $30-$50 an hour.

Tracking down detention pay is often an involved process. As mentioned prior, only 3% of carriers received payment of 90% of detention claims meaning that carriers are not receiving the pay they deserve for their downtime and wasted resources. Out of a DAT survey of 257 carriers and 50 brokers, approximately 130 survey respondents reported that detention was a very serious problem in their operations. 90 of those respondents stated that they are only paid the full detention fee 1-10% of the time.

Drivers have to follow an extensive manual approval process to even be considered for detention and, in the end, there is no guarantee that they will receive compensation. Drivers must prove their arrival time, the amount of time waited, and more. On top of all this, shippers often dispute these statements to avoid paying detention.

This current market is in dire need of a system that guarantees detention pay 100% of the time. And that’s where Carggo guaranteed no-hassle detention can help.

Carggo Guaranteed Detention


Carggo makes detention easy because we understand life on the road can be tough – getting paid fairly shouldn’t be.

Instead of having to fight for the pay you deserve as a carrier, Carggo guarantees detention pay 100% of the time when you the mobile app and enable GPS. Carggo values transparency so we make sure that you are compensated for your time and resources with every shipment you complete. We pay even if shippers refuse, so you’ll always receive the pay you deserve.

Carggo utilizes timestamped BOLs and status updates directly within our app to deliver detention pay to carriers hassle-free. Carggo is able to automatically calculate detention (and give you the option to adjust easily within the app) by using GPS tracking and clear pictures time-stamped BOLs – captured directly within the app. This gets rid of unnecessary time-consuming steps by making the entire process paperless. As soon as the signed BOL is entered in the app, you can request detention directly in Carggo’s app – making detention a seamless experience every day of the week.

Carggo is dedicated to making drivers’ lives simpler. With our real-time updates and advance AI-driven technology, you’ll receive detention pay without having to put up a fight.

If you happen to wait more than two hours to unload or load, simply:

  1. Open the Carggo app
  2. Submit your signed timestamped BOL
  3. And request detention

Carggo will be with you throughout the entire journey to guarantee the detention process is streamlined and professional.

All that’s required is that you use the Carggo app throughout your entire shipment process. That includes check-ins, enabling GPS, submitting a timestamped and signed BOL, and issuing your automatically generated (or uploaded) invoice using the Carggo app.

That’s why we made the app quick and easy to use. Throughout your journey, you should only spend minutes on the app – minutes that guarantee detention pay and faster payment processing.

Carggo values transparency and a significant component of transparency is guaranteeing detention to carriers. Carriers should be compensated for 100% of their time. With Carggo hassle-free detention, you can focus on the important factors of your supply chain.

Download our app today to start experiencing hassle-free detention!

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Jason Weber, Product Manager for Carggo
Jason brings a unique blend of both technology and operations tailored to the transportation space. His focus on innovation and passion for using digital products to improve the lives of shippers, carriers, and brokers is a perfect fit with Carggo’s vision and purpose.