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Meet Jenny Xu, Carggo’s New Visionary CEO

by Carggo, on Jul 9, 2019

Jenny_Xu-headshot-colorAs Carggo continues to evolve as an innovator in 3PL logistics, we welcome a new CEO, Jenny Xu, to help further accomplish our mission and help our customers excel.

With years of experience in logistics and tech, Jenny has a deep understanding, through her obsession serving customers in the midst of digital transformation, that logistics technology is the key to ensure sustainable growth in this increasingly competitive transportation service industry. Larger 3PLs and digital freight brokers have been investing hundreds of millions of dollars to anticipate the digital needs of their shipper customers. It begs the question “What is the SMB 3PLs and brokers’ playbook in the digital future?”

Jenny’s focused passion began as a young professional working at Kellogg’s. Riding with the company’s semi-truck drivers, Jenny learned first-hand about the trucking experience, seeing all of what is involved in simply bringing products to the shelf. “I was shocked by the drivers’ passion, pride, and smiles at a seemingly mundane job,” Jenny commented regarding her experience. “I don’t think they get enough recognition.” Her humbling time at Kellogg’s helped shape her views of the industry as she gained invaluable insight into the trucking and supply-chain side of business.

Jenny went on to receive her MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. She also held positions as a strategist for US Foods and Deloitte Consulting before serving as the head of commercial emerging technology at Bridgestone.

Then, as COO of FreightWaves, the leading source to navigate the freight market, Jenny became devoted to providing transparency and insight to give smaller 3PLs and carriers the opportunity to thrive.

As many 3PLs continue to struggle with fewer resources and tighter budgets, Jenny aims to give them more time back to sell and develop relationships by providing them with the latest digital platform with operational support to manage their business from top to bottom, with total transparency.

Jenny’s central goal as Carggo’s CEO is aimed at giving SMB 3rd-party logistics companies and their shippers state-of-the-art solutions to ensure their success. “By providing access to customer-centric digital experience and scale, we are leveling the playing field for the SMB 3PL and brokers.”

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