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Reshaping Freight Transportation

by Boris Pevzner, on Jun 12, 2019



I'm Boris Pevzner, co-founder and President of Carggo, America's most innovative digital logistics company.

Before I share with you what makes Carggo unique, I'd like to ask you a couple of questions...

  • Did you know that being a truck driver is the #1 most common profession in America?
  • Did you know that trucking is an $800 Billion industry accounting for 82% of all logistics spent in America?

Many Americans might be surprised by the above questions.  And surprised to learn just how much of the products they are consuming are delivered - literally - into their hands each day by trucking logistics.

As for me, I have my mother to credit for allowing me, at an early age, to see just how much the trucking industry factors into our daily lives.

You can say that I grew up in a trucking family as my mother ran business operations for an independent trucking firm for over 30 years before retiring in 2016.

I can still vividly recall my mother's reaction the day I created a website for her trucking company.  This was back in the early 1990's while I was at MIT.  And it's entirely possible (though not yet proven) that this was the first trucking website. Ever! 

My mother wondered why the entire industry could not leverage even more technology as she regaled me with stories of having to track down shipment statuses by calling a broker who called a dispatcher who finally reached a driver at a rest stop diner having a cheeseburger for lunch. 

"Soon," I answered.  Soon the technology will arrive to automate the logistics of shipping and allow the humans - from trucker to dispatcher - to do their jobs more efficiently.

Yet, as of my mother's retirement in 2016, that day had not yet arrived. 

Before co-founding Carggo, I was disappointed to see that empty hauls were still prevalent and were at an alarming rate of 40% given our climate concerns. 

And even more disappointed to observe how technology – specifically machine learning – had been applied to the consumer side of e-commerce while logistics remained curiously in the Stone Age.

Disappointed to observe a nation of truck drivers making hauls the same way they’ve done for the last 50 years, oblivious to the burgeoning e-commerce of the Digital Age. 

Disappointed to observe the pricing, scheduling and invoicing of an $800 Billion industry done on paper and over the phone.

But, you know what? I was also... excited.

Excited by the opportunity to apply the machine learning and “platform thinking” I'd implemented in prior companies to the freight transportation industry.

Excited to make my mother's vision a reality.

What is Platform Thinking?

It is the philosophy of leveraging technology to bring a secure, fair and efficient digital platform to a market. This serves to align all the market players behind a shared goal.

From the time I drove a U-Haul from MIT to Silicon Valley in 2000 to start my first company, I have been applying this platform thinking to diverse markets from video games to private art collection.

Now, with Carggo, we are using platform thinking to haul the trucking industry into the digital age.

This means creating a platform that aligns the interests of shippers, carriers, and 3PLs through digital innovation. This means that we are inventing lots of cool technology, partnering with lots of shippers, carriers, and 3PLs, and integrating with lots of synergistic industry players.

We started this journey in 2017, but really, this is just the beginning!

If you want to learn more about Platform Thinking and all the cool technology we are rolling out here at Carggo, please sign up for our blog - or just give us a call! 

And if you were wondering what my mom thinks of the Carggo platform

"Maybe I should come out of retirement..."


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Boris, President and Co-Founder

Boris_Cover_Image3_LeftBoris is a serial entrepreneur and MIT graduate with 18 years of experience spearheading technology ventures. He brings “platform thinking” to Carggo with a deep understanding of how the logistics industry can be reshaped with technology-driven solutions to business problems. When he isn’t revolutionizing the freight industry, he enjoys spending time with his two boys.