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Trucking Tech Trends Every Logistics Provider Should Know

by Melissa Delise, on Nov 13, 2019


In this day and age of technology, one thing is for sure, the trucking and logistics industry is fast rising onto the technology horizon.  With the buzz of autonomous driving vehicles and real time GPS locations, these types of technologies have been slowly, but surely, making their way into the logistics world.

1. Telematics

Telematics is a way of monitoring and managing fleets with GPS, advanced data capture, and connects with third party solutions.  Telematics has pushed forward the logistics industry in so many ways. Here are a few ways that it can make a smooth transition for trucking and logistics companies alike:

  • Efficiency – Real time communication added with routing apps can help with diverting delays and keep those high priority loads on time.  Avoiding delays can help with HOS (hours of service) too. Just adding a few extra minutes each day per truck can boost overall fleet operations.
  • Safety – Overall performance of a driver (how fast they brake/accelerate) is documented, tending to make a driver more aware of how he/she is driving.  Therefore, there are less accidents and damage to vehicles and freight. Some companies will reward good behavior, which enhances job satisfaction.
  • Reduces Operating Costs – Not only can Telematics help reduce operating costs by rerouting detours and help direct drivers to preferred fuel vendors, but it can also manage Fuel Tax reporting and vehicle maintenance systems (i.e., engine fault codes).  With on-time Tax reporting and being able to pre-schedule maintenance, operating costs are lower.

2. Autonomous Trucks

Autonomous trucks are predicted to make a major change in the trucking industry.  Drastically lowering fuel costs and minimizing accidents, Autonomous Trucks are already paving their way in states like Texas.  The average age of drivers keeps rising making new ones willing to be lonely and gone from home harder to find. Having autonomous trucks will increase utilization by 50% because they will not have to take mandated breaks.  Some companies have quietly started using autonomous truck running lanes in Arizona and Texas. They have safety drivers and technicians on board. The cameras on the trucks can see 1,000 yards ahead, even at night. With these cameras, and other sensors, the trucks can change lanes and other maneuvers twice as fast as a human.  Texas and seven other states have approved testing for these vehicles, but they must have a driver onboard. The next few years will be dedicated for testing and compiling data for future use.

Technology is fast changing the logistics industry on how business is conducted with customers, employees, government officials, and the like.  If you are in the logistics industry, one way or another, you will be affected by the rise of technology. These are a couple trends that will keep you up to speed on the ever-changing world of trucking.

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