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The Carggo platform gets you more reliable freight with free access to instant loads and faster pay.

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Instant Loads. Faster Pay.

Get more reliable business with free access to instant loads and faster pay.

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Instant Booking & Faster Pay

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Personalized Load Matching


Premier Carrier Rewards Program


Guaranteed No-Hassle Detention

Get more loads with Carggo

Let’s put an end to empty miles. Our carrier assignment engine matches you with the best loads to get you to your destination – and home without hauling air.  You’ll get more reliable business as our AI-fueled engine learns more about your preferences, equipment, and lifestyle.

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Get more loads with Carggo

Book loads instantly with one tap on the Carggo app

Book loads instantly

Get paid faster and easier

Our platform is pushing the old ways out. Instead of haggling for loads with low pay through middle-men, we make our earnings visible so you can get transparent and fair pay every time. Carriers become a meaningful part of the transaction through Carggo.

Hauling is a tough life. Getting paid shouldn’t be.


Carggo’s 48-Hour Quick Pay

Increases your take-home pay by eliminating the need for costly factoring services.


Guaranteed No Hassle Detention

if you wait more than 2 hours, we will pay you for detention even if the shipper doesn’t pay us.


100% paperless and As Easy As 1-2-3

The entire process takes minutes and can be done on your phone while sitting in your truck.

As soon as the BOL is signed, you can request payment directly in our app – making it fast and easy to get paid.

Start hauling with Carggo

Get more of the loads you actually want

Get more of the loads you actually want

Technology is years behind in the freight industry, which has made business harder than it has to be. The Carggo platform is AI-fueled to efficiently match the freight to the carrier, getting more loads on the road. The best loads find you, all on the Carggo app.

Personalized “smart” loads are based on the routes you like to drive, what loads you prefer, the types of freight you like to haul, and where you want to go. Our platform is constantly getting smarter, so carriers will see improvements over time.

Start hauling with Carggo

Premier Carrier Loyalty Program

Carggo Premier Loyalty program allows carriers to get better visibility and faster pay. Strong long-term relationships are at the heart of our business. We reward carriers who go the extra mile for us. Carggo's Premier Carrier Program is centered on providing financial incentives such as first access to prime freight and better compensation options – including 48-Hour Quick Pay.

When you deliver your first eligible load, you enter the program as a “Premier Base” member and are upgraded to the next tier as soon as you are eligible.


Benefits include:

  • First access to Premier Prime Loads
  • Reduced fees for 48-hour Quick Pay (No fees at Elite Tier)
  • Carrier program status made visible to shippers
  • Support when you need it

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