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Intelligent Scaling: ITG Improves Productivity by 84% and Quote Acceptance by over 10%


Established in 1986, ITG is one of the most tech-forward players in the drayage industry and recently expanded their services to include end-to-end domestic trucking transportation to provide holistic solutions for their customers.

Putting people first by inspiring and empowering their team to treat each other and their customers like family has allowed ITG to grow from an office of 3 to over 125 people in Chicago and Las Vegas. It is also the guiding principle of Intelligent Scaling. “Our people are our greatest asset. They know exactly what our customers need and how to deliver it. Our job is to provide our team with the tools they need to maximize productivity, and get out of their way. Carggo is one of those tools,” said David Duke, VP of Business Development. 


“Our customers come to us because we deliver peace of mind. Scaling quickly by throwing money and people at something without the tools and technology in place is just reckless. That’s why we choose to scale intelligently.” —Dan Kopp, VP & Co-Owner

The Problem

Facing daily requests from customers to provide domestic trucking transportation service, ITG could no longer ignore the opportunity sitting in front of them. Before making a large commitment, they decided to test the waters by hiring a small team. Quickly realizing the potential, they sought partners that could help them operate and scale more efficiently and price more competitively without inflating overhead. 

The Goal

  • Maximize Productivity
  • Peace of Mind
  • Efficient & Competitive Pricing
  • Full Transparency and Freight Visibility
  • Dedicated and Comprehensive Operations Support
  • Scalable Operations

The Challenge

Since most ITG customers need to ship same-day or next-day, offering fast and competitive quotes is critical to success. Before working with Carggo, ITG discovered quoting took between thirty minutes and two hours as the team researched market rates to find a quality carrier at an acceptable rate. Unfortunately, the rates were often not competitive enough—resulting in back and forth emails and calls and wasting hours of productivity. Both of which clash against ITG’s management philosophy of scaling intelligently.

While searching for the right partner, they realized the inherent conflicts of interest with other providers. Eventually, they discovered Carggo to provide the peace of mind ITG needed to move forward.

“I love working with ITG because they make the impossible possible—literally, they once delivered a container to a small island in the Midwest. I still have no clue how they managed it, but their team always comes through for me.” —Roy Gomez of Vanguard

The Result

Carggo rose to the challenges to ITG provide with instant, more competitive pricing that drastically reduces time spent generating quotes and that...

  • Reduces risk by adapting to current market conditions, tender reject rates, lane seasonality, and more for reliable, competitive rates
  • Has customizable margin rules at customer and lane levels
  • Evokes confidence when booking with fast, reliable pricing for multiple modes and equipment types

Using Carggo, ITG is able to focus on rapidly growing their trucking services and helping their customers meet their 2020 goals.

But, let's be honest, it all comes down to people. That is what drives successful partnerships. That's why Carggo ensures every partner has a dedicated support team that is always available and, like ITG, is always innovating new ways to make this "hard business of ours a little easier for everyone." 

Carggo's Award-Winning service and dedicated operational support allows ITG to "be more efficient and competitive so our operations can focus on growing our business without inflating costs. That is the definition of Intelligent Scaling."—David Duke, VP of Business Development

ITG team is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of service.

"It's been great. The platform is quick and easy to use. We don't have to make calls any more because the pricing is very competitive and fair to both shippers and carriers. We even have full transparency including direct access to the drivers." —Nick Frantz, Director of Full Truckload and Flatbed Services for ITG


Reduction in Quote Time
Domestic Business Handled using Carggo
Increase in Domestic Quote Acceptance

Carggo is committed to developing innovative freight solutions for 3PLs that maximizes your team's productivity and boosts your bottom line.

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